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ATTENTION:  We require 100% off-take of your mined mineral, if you want a JV off-take partner that will fund your mine then contact us.
We can also buy 100% of your coal, CASH barge basis, 3800 GAR as minimum Kcal, higher the GAR the better, high Kcal can have high Sulphur up to
around 2.5%, we will accept 1 barge per month as minimum contract, but we will also buy as many barges per month as you can supply us.
We have many end users requiring all minerals, Coal, Iron ore, Manganese ore, nickel ore etc etc and we are ready to sign contracts immediately.
We need to be able to negotiate directly with the mines and not via numerous middle men, we do understand that some mines have nominated people
who deal on their behalf and we are ok with this as long as all the information we need is to hand and does not take many days to obtain.
Ownership/legality/licenses of the mines and the rights to sell the mineral etc must be proven to us.
During a shipment we must be able to follow all operations from mine to MV without hindrance.
We must be able to visit the mines at any time (with notice) after a contract is signed and throughout the contract.
So if you are a good reliable mine that are honest and want long term buyers for your minerals and can prove your legality then please contact 
jonathan@coaltradeindonesia.com VIA email and we can discuss further. 

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