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About CTI
We set up CTI after talking to various miners who had a problem trying to access the International markets and raising finance for their mines, since then we have grown into a one stop solution for all areas related to Indonesian minerals.
We aim to provide a service to the buyer here in Indonesia that we hope will be second to none.
We are your point of contact throughout, from initial contact to final delivery, need a question answered, contact us, have a query, contact us, anything and everything comes through us 1st, we are here to smooth troubled waters, take the worry away and deliver Indonesian mined minerals to you in a trouble free manner as humanly possible.
We have full mine to MV Vessel monitoring, we follow the coal till it is on board the MV to ensure Logistics & Quality.
All our management team speak fluent English.We are straight talking, do not go around in circles, ask a question and we will answer directly.
Our goal is to join the end users directly with our Indonesian mines wherever possible, cutting out many of the problems that can be caused by too many people in between Mine and End user.
We have many Joint Venture mines as well as direct mandates with other mines wanting to sell their Minerals through CTI.
We have no interest in minerals from anywhere other than Indonesia, all of our team (other than international) live here & have family here, our sole aim is to sell Indonesian minerals direct from the mines here.
Our team is made up of highly qualified management professionals with a long successful track record we also have a team of experienced mine professionals who have been in the Indonesian mining business for many years.
On mines that are not under our complete management, we checkout all mining operations 1st hand by visiting the mines and check the mines paperwork/legality etc before we will offer their Minerals for sale through CTI.
We also arrange Joint Venture projects in mining, from simple funding through to complete mine takeover.


 CTI Your number 1 Partner for Mineral Transactions here in Indonesia
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